The Heron scientific name is "Ardeidae".

The Heron is large family of birds that lives in wetlands and areas that are close to lakes, ponds and rivers. Some species of heron are also known as egrets and bitterns instead of being called Herons. There are 64 species of heron found inhabiting the wetlands around the world. Herons are commonly found in Europe and North America along with the more temperate regions of Africa, Asia and Australia.

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All Herons have long pointed beaks which helps them to grab fish out of the water, along with long necks and thin, long legs both of which are useful to the heron as it lives it's waterside lifestyle. Herons also have enormous wings tht can be nearly double the size of the heron's body.

The heron is a carnivour bird, he ates a lot of fish.

The female heron lays an avarage of 4 eggs per clutch which hatch after an incubation period of around 1 month. Both male heron and female heron help to incubate their eggs and feed the tiny heron chicks. Herons live for up to 25 years.


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the entrance.

In Buin Zoo I had a good time, I see a lot of animals, I had lunch with my friends, I ate an ice cream (it was of chocolate). I go to the Baby Zoo that it was an interactive zoo with hens, roosters, goats and rabbits. I went to the "nocturama", there are night animals, in another house (that I don't remember the name) was some reptiles. One of my favourite animals was the "Ocelote".

In the Buin Zoo miss Catalina Carvalho bring us a guide of buin zoo that was in pairs, I was with Mariano Andrade, an we need to classify the animals in carnivore, hervibore, omnivore and scavengers, Then we put the chilean Animals and we did a food web. I take a lot of photos and I have a good time.