The kinkajou can turn its feets backwards ,to run quite easily in eithers direction up a branch, the kinkajou was know as the honey bear because with their long tongue took the honey from the hive, he slepts on the tops of the trees to be awake at nigth so it is a nocturnal animal.


The kinkajou is from east and south of the Sierra Madre in Mexico .Their altitudinalrange is from sea level to 2500 meters.


The kinkajou is a nocturn animal ,it sleep in the day in the cup of the trees ,is a little animal, the kinkajou has ahead and body length of about 17 - 22 inches, with a tail that's a further 16 - 22 inches .It weighs 3 - 7 lbs.Its coat is golden - brown, and the face features large eyes and small ears that stick out.


The kinkajou diet is omnivore that consist in 90% of fruit .It uses the long ,thin tongue to slurp honey from the bee's nest .And also are know to eat fruits , insects and small animals.The kinkajou tongue helps to obtain fruit and to lick nectar from flowers.


I saw my animal in the zoo but the guide did not speak about it and i could not take pictures because he was at the end of the cage so i could not see.


My experience sharing with my classmates and teachers was a good and interesting idea to go to Buin Zoo ,so we learn more about the animals because it is more fun and entertain us more by going to a field trip to stay in class.

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