The Silver Fox is a mammal of about 70 cm in length (excludin tail that measures between 30 and 35 cm) . Its tail is very peculiar because it has a glans that secrets a fluid that strong , unpleasant odor , unfortunately for Fox , easily make olfateable for his terrib le enemy , the dog . He lives in ahole that it digs into the ground or in any abandoned by another animas, modifyng as needed. Mainly feeds on rats and mice, and even insects. His famous chicken coops invasion occur mainly in spring are the time in which to feed her cubs. They grow in number from 3 to 7 with closed the eyes that do not open until 9 days. The mother breastfeeds for 6 month.

Where Live : Live in forest in Europe, North Africa , Asia and America.

Food: Mice, Rats.

Customs: It lives in family groups.

Features: It is smart , agile , restless and light , it has an icreadible smell.

Information from the zoo.

My Experience at the zoo:

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