White lined gecko

  1. Species name: gekko vittatus
  2. Temperature: A daytime temperature gradient of 27-29.5 C° should be provied for white lined geckos, with a drop at nightime to 21- 24 C°. A heat lamp or ceramic heat emitter make a good heat sourcefor day time; at night a red nigth time bulb or ceramic heat emitter is a good choice. Undertank heat can also be used. Do not rest a heat source right the top of the tank, as these climbing geckos could get too close and burns could result
  3. Feeding: White lined geckos can be fed a diet mainly of crickets. A variety of other insects can be added for variety: roaches, locusts, cutworms and slikworms. Prey should be about the size of the spase between the gecko´s eyes, and should be gut loaded prior to feeding, and dustedwith a calcium supplement two to three times a week and a multivitamin once a week. Feed in the evening; juveniles should be feed daily but adults do not need to be fed every day. Feed as much prey at one time as the gecko eagerly eats, and don´t leave uneated crickets roaming aroung the tank.
  4. Personal opinion: is a very especial reptile, because he help in the ecosystem